Highly rated international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, educator,
strategist, management consultant and author

Presented in 40 different U.S. states and in 4 different countries with more than 30,000 professionals.

Terina is the chief executive for ARVis Institute, a strategy and management consulting firm that she founded in 2008.  She has committed her research, education, and professional talents to transforming governments, corporations, nonprofits, and educational institutions and ensures today’s leaders and managers have the capacity to create high-performing organizations and the competence to affect positive change

She has helped to define, elevate and advance the goals of organizations and individuals within nearly every industry and focuses a significant amount of her efforts on developing strategic leaders.


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Featured Keynotes and Workshop Programs
After we talk, a program will be fully customized for you!

When you want a dynamic, informed and engaging speaker, look no further! While Terina has categories of topics (see below), she will listen to your needs and customize a keynote, workshop or training session based specifically on meeting those needs.


Strategic Leadership

Premier Learning Series. Prrograms are designed for keynote presentations and workshops spanning one to three days. Designed for executives, managers and leaders to explore, decipher, and interpret the best concepts for achieving organizational excellence, anticipating and responding to change, and effectively aligning organizational systems, processes, and people.


Own Your Power to Lead!

Strategy - from planning through execution and measurement

The Leadership Value Proposition

Defining the Different

What Leadership Needs to Know About Followership

Global Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes

High Performance

Programs designed for professionals at all levels and geared to motivate individuals to focus their energies and efforts on meaningful change.


5 Reasons Leaders Take the Game Winning Shots

5 Things High Performers Do Exceptionally Well

4 Surefire Methods to Career Success

It's Your Career, Take Control of It

No Apologies. My Future Is So Bright, It Burns My Eyes

Damn I'm Good! If you are too, do these four things to propel your career

10 Things Smart Female Leaders Do


Critical Lessons for the Seasoned Executive

Programs in this category focus on delivering principles and strategies that high-performing leaders need to apply for success!


Performance Measurement: Define the Right Outcomes

High-Performance Culture & Teams

Advancing an Ethical Culture

Good Teams Score, Great Teams Win!

Mergers & Acquisitions: The Four (4) Greatest Risk Factors

Strategic Human Resources

Programs primarily designed for senior and mid-level HR leaders and customized based on client need.


Designing Human Capital Strategy

Designing and Leading Succession Management Programs

Best Techniques for Human Resource Planning and Recruitment


Oh Yeah! They Said This!

"She absolutely shines; a consummate professional in every sense of the word; charismatic, polished"

Terina has several characteristics that in my opinion put her in a class above.  Many found her enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. In presentations, she absolutely shines. Her spirit, knowledge and ability to disseminate information and ideas in a fresh and innovative manner earned her the praise of the groups she interacted with along with requests that she return.

-- Inger C. Nemcik
Operations Manager

"Terina is the first person I will call when I need to provide additional formal training for my employees - she is simply wonderful"

Terina's full-day strategic planning retreat for my department was exceptional. She combined presentation periods with participation activities very effectively, keeping participants engaged and active in the learning process. I have nothing but praise for her ability to accommodate the diversity of backgrounds and agendas among the people attending the retreat.

-- Bill McGuire
Director of Academic Advising

"She has a personable yet knowledgeable style and her passion for educating is apparent"

I've had the great fortune to work with Terina at Indiana University. Her warmth and upbeat personality make her a natural for the Organizational Development and Training field. Terina's polished appearance and professionalism only add to her credibility. Her expertise is abundant and she is an asset to any organization. I highly recommend her!

-- Miina Holloway, PHR, SHRM-CP
Employee Relations Specialist

"She is a terrific instructor; I highly recommend Terina Allen"

I worked with Terina Allen when she was the director of the Ohio Certified Public Manager program. She was the OCPM program liason with the board of directors of the Ohio Certified Public Manager Society, which serves the graduates of the OCPM program. Terina is very professional, well organized, and a terrific instructor. She taught several courses and workshops for the OCPM Society.

-- Patti Barnett
Program Administrator

"Exceptional and high-performing workplace contribution"

Ms. Allen has gone from colleague to recurrent service provider due to her exceptional and high-performing workplace contribution in the areas of trainer and business consultant. Her passion, energy, and breadth of knowledge in business and HRD is demonstrated in the classroom as well as in the boardroom.

-- Esther Renee Brandon, MBA, MAEd, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Performance Improvement Engineer

"She has a way, unlike anyone I've ever met, of connecting to people"

I could use this opportunity to speak of Terina's expertise at training, which is first rate. I choose, however, to speak of her as an amazingly gifted human being. She has a way, unlike anyone I've ever met, of connecting to people and making them feel like they are the only person in the classroom. She is passionate and confident and brings sheer joy to those around her.

-- Cheri Gray
Executive Administrative Assistant

"Her attitude is one of the best I've seen my entire working life!"

Terina is great to work with. She is really on top of things and her attitude is one of the best I've seen my entire working life!

-- Frank Epperson
Employment Consultant

"Terina is very knowledgeable, thorough and extremely high energy"

Terina is very knowledgeable, thorough and extremely high energy.

-- Dee Hammel
Assistant Chief

"She has always been driven to help people"

Terina is passionate about developing people and organizations and has a strong desire to affect meaningful, positive, and sustainable change. I highly recommend her for any consulting or training project.

-- Karish Johson

"One 'firecracker' of a corporate trainer"

Terina is one 'firecracker' of a corporate trainer. She combines personal experience with organizational initiatives to taper the needed content of a class to that specific audience. I most enjoy her significant examples to demonstrate course objectives as she educates her audience.

-- Susan Springer, MHRM, CPM
Human Resources Manager

"Communication and people skills were excellent"

It was a pleasure to work with Terina.  She was very well prepared for the session and her communication and people skills were excellent. She was creative and high motivated. She had good dialogue with the participants. We would like to sincerely thank her for her contribution to our event.

-- Ulgen Ozmen
Assistant General Manager

"Creates a safe climate for learning and change"

Terina is a change agent who has the ability to help create a safe climate for learning and change.  Terina possesses interdisciplinary skill set needed to effectively identify issues and conduct workshops, and she will leave you with the tools your need to turn problems into opportunities!

-- Darlene Posey Young
University Administrator

"My experience in working with Terina has been phenomenal"

I find her to be ambitious, hardworking, and an advocate of continuous learning. Most importantly, she shows great dedication and loyalty to her profession.  In addition to being a joy to work with, Terina is a take-charge person who is resourceful and full of innovative ideas for promoting organizational development and growth.

-- Monica P. Fenton, MSM
Director of System Benefits

"I highly recommend Terina Allen without reservation"

It has been my pleasure to work with Terina Allen, I have observed her use her many versatile skills as a teacher and project manager. She is a true professional, her knowledge, ability and verbal skills enables her to express herself and present topics extremely well. I highly recommend Terina Allen without reservation.

-- Ernest Lynch
School Executive/Principal

"She is a great leader and has so much information to share!"

I highly recommend Terina, and her consultants for any organizational training and development endeavor....from tactical to strategic. She is a great leader and has so much information to share!. To this end, she also ensures that that loop is closed...she moves individuals to action.

-- Julia Broadstreet
Human Resources Manager

"I learned something about leadership from Terina in our every interaction"

I had the pleasure of working with Terina while she was a University Consultant Indiana University. As a colleague, I found her approach to our work highly collaborative and professional. I learned something about leadership from Terina in every interaction I had with her. She is a highly competent OD professional and leader.

-- Bridget Working
Associate Director

"She is caring, personable, and a joy to work with"

Terina is a consummate professional. She understands what an organization needs to succeed and she does her utmost to help it get there. She is caring, personable, and a joy to work with.

-- Grant Simpson
Principal Software Engineer

"Terina was very professional, knowledgeable, highly energized and fun to work with"

She conducted a survey and hosted a workshop of my staff members to start the process to build a high performance team. In the whole process, Terina was very professional, knowledgeable and highly energized. In addition, she is fun to work with.

-- Jie Li
Director of System Analysis and Application Development