Terina is a recognized international speaker and presents dynamic and engaging keynotes, facilitates workshops and educates learners via more comprehensive learning programs.


Terina has written hundreds of articles, curricula and thought leadership white papers, and her expertise has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Vistage International and elsewhere.


Terina provides long and short-term consulting, project management and executive coaching services for corporate, education, government and nonprofit executives and leaders.

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Ready for the Next Level?

Here are some recent keynote and workshop topics.
After we talk, a topic and program will be customized to meet your needs!


Strategic Leadership

Premier Learning Series. Prrograms are designed for keynote presentations and workshops spanning one to three days. Designed for executives, managers and leaders to explore, decipher, and interpret the best concepts for achieving organizational excellence, anticipating and responding to change, and effectively aligning organizational systems, processes, and people.


Own Your Power to Lead! Own Your Power to Change!

Strategy - from planning through execution and measurement

The Leadership Value Proposition

Defining the Different: Organizational Transformation

What Leadership Needs to Know About Followership

Global Leadership: Do You Have What It Takes

Motivation &
High Performance

Programs designed for professionals at all levels and geared to motivate individuals to focus their energies and efforts on meaningful change.


5 Reasons Leaders Take the Game Winning Shots

5 Things High Performers Do Exceptionally Well

4 Surefire Methods to Career Success

It's Your Career, Take Control of It

No Apologies. My Future Is So Bright, It Burns My Eyes

Damn I'm Good! If you are too, do these four things to propel your career

Wow! This happens when smart female leaders do what the heck they want


Motivation, Careers & Resilience with Change

Strategic Leadership and Decision Making

Strategy and
Strategic Thinking

HR, Human Capital,
Talent & Succession

Team, Change, Culture & Performance Metrics


Critical Lessons for the Seasoned Executive

Programs in this category focus on delivering principles and strategies that high-performing leaders need to apply for success!


Performance Measurement: Define the Right Outcomes

High-Performance Culture & Teams

Advancing an Ethical Culture

Good Teams Score, Great Teams Win!

Mergers & Acquisitions: The Four (4) Greatest Risk Factors

Strategic Human Resources

Programs primarily designed for senior and mid-level HR leaders and customized based on client need.


Designing and Implementing a Human Capital Strategy

Designing and Leading Succession Management Programs

Onboarding Best Practices: A Model for What Needs to Be Covered

Best Techniques for Human Resource Planning and Recruitment

With Terina

it is about strategic leadership. When you want to turn theory into practice and your strategic intentions into reality, she gets you there! Terina is a proven strategist and delivers management consulting, executive coaching, workshop facilitation and keynotes for international clients. While we, ARVis Institute, have programs and categories of topics already designed, Terina will listen to your needs and then customize and deliver a keynote, workshop or training program based specifically on meeting those needs.